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Moving Truck or Pods Which is the Best Option?

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If you make the decision to not hire a moving company but rather to take care of your move then you will have a number of different decisions to make in regards to logistics. You will have to decide, and this really depends on if there is any overlap in time between getting the keys to your new place and needing to be out of your old place, whether you are going to do the move in one trip or whether you are going to break it down over the course of a few days or weeks. If you are lucky and have a month or so to be out of your old place, but already have the ability to move into your new place then we highly suggest that you move the smaller items over in stages. This may cause some inconvenience, as you won’t have access to all of your belongings but it will, however, make the move more digestible and less anxiety-provoking.

Unfortunately, though most people do not really have this option and they have to complete their move in a single day or over the course of a weekend. This need to move everything at once still lends itself to a number of logistical questions, such as what size moving truck do you need, what moving supplies will you need for packing, and how many friends and family members can you gather to help you out.

There is also the question of whether to use a moving pod or a moving truck. Using a moving pod is a fairly new concept in the world of moving and in many ways it has changed the way that people think about moving. Granted if you live in an apartment community then you may not be able to keep a moving pod in your parking space for a month as you pack it up, but if you own or rent a home then a moving pod could be a great solution for your move.

However, choosing between a moving pod and a traditional moving truck is really a choice about what you are comfortable with and what works best with your life. If you are the type of person who likes to get everything done in one fell swoop then a truck is probably the best way to go. However, if you like to leisurely pack up your stuff then a moving pod might be your best bet.

What is a Moving Pod?

For those of you who do not know a moving pod is sort of a hybrid between having a moving company and moving yourself. They are essentially shipping containers that can be delivered to your home and then you can pack them up in any way you see fit and have them moved to your new home. The pioneer of this sort of moving is a company called PODS and they offer moving containers in three different sizes: 16’, 12’, and 7’, and they also offer you the ability to keep your container in your driveway or store your moving container until you are ready to actually move.

You have probably seen these moving containers as you drive through neighborhoods and they have truly been a game-changer in the way that people move. For starters it allows you to pack up your belongings at your own rate and it also gives you the ability to not have to drive your stuff to your new place. This is something that is especially attractive if you are moving cross-country because it means that you don’t have to drive a large moving truck thousands of miles or if you have decided to use a moving company, it means that you don’t have to entrust them to move your belongings across state lines.

Should I Use a Moving Pod for my Move?

Once again and as we have prefaced most of the answers to these questions—it is important that you are comfortable with whatever path you choose in moving. If you do not feel like using a moving container is right for you then, by all means, use a traditional truck, because at the end of the day whatever it is that will make the entire process as enjoyable as possible for you is what you should do.

With that said, some of the main selling points and the reasons that so many people are choosing to use moving containers nowadays is because of how convenient they are to use. Let’s say that you are planning on moving a month from now and the move is a few hundred miles away. You could pack up all your stuff in a moving truck in a single day and then haul it to where it is going or you could use a moving pod and leisurely move your stuff, then have a professional and licensed driver pick the pod up and either bring it to your new home or store it until you need it.

Now the downside to this is that you will not have access to all of your belongings if they are packed up over a period of weeks in a pod in your driveway, but if you think about it, majority of the things in your house are not really necessary for your day-to-day living. And if you truly need something, and you followed our tips on packing boxes, then you will be able to easily find that item and unpack it.

Beyond the convenience that a moving container offers for packing up your stuff, it also can really change the way that you unpack your belongings as well. When using a traditional moving company or moving truck, you essentially have to take everything off of the truck in one go. However, with a moving container, you can keep your things safely and securely in the pod for as long as you’d like and move them into your new place methodically and at your own pace.

Moving Pod Sizes and Prices

When it comes to getting a price on a moving container it is best to get a quote because the transportation cost is going to vary greatly depending on how far you have to move, and the same can be said for the rental of the unit. It should be noted that these rentals are similar to that of traditional storage units and they are monthly.

If you are looking to rent a 12’ moving container which is perfect for apartments or homes with 2 to 3 bedrooms then you can expect to spend about $149.99 a month on this rental. If you need more space than that than there is a 16’ options that will run you around $159.99 a month and should be enough space for an apartment or home with 3 to 4 bedrooms. There is an option for a 7’ storage pod, which will only really hold a studio or 1 bedroom apartment and that will cost you around $119.99.

You will definitely have more space if you use a traditional moving truck for your move, but the positive thing about using a storage pod is that you will more time to pack your belongings in and so, therefore, you will be able to maximum the space available.

Should I Use a Moving Truck for my Move?

There are certain cases where using a moving pod is not going to be possible and in these cases, it is obviously best to use a moving truck for your move. However, you will still need to decide whether or not to use a moving company or whether you are going to tackle the move on your own.

If you are in a position where you can use a moving pod but you just aren’t sure that this is the right choice for you then once again do what you feel comfortable with and rent a moving truck. If the move that you are about to undertake is not particularly far in distance then a moving truck is probably the best way to go, and not to mention that renting a truck for a day is a lot cheaper than renting a moving pod for a month.

The average moving pod will cost you around $149.99 a month and this does not include the transportation costs. Whereas a U-Haul moving truck, depending on size, could cost as low as $19.99 plus the cost of gas. This is a rather large difference in cost and so if you are attempting to keep your moving costs down then renting a moving truck is definitely the way to go.

What Size Moving Truck Should I Rent?

Similar to with moving containers there are number of options when it comes to moving trucks as well. Most moving truck rental companies offer trucks ranging in size from 26’ to 10’ and it is important to understand the difference in these sizes before making a decision on your rental. The last thing that you want is to pull up to your house the day of your move and realize that you will not be able to fit everything inside the truck in one trip.

If you have a 3 or 4 bedroom home then it is suggested that you get the 26’ truck for this type of move. If you have a 2 or 3 bedroom home then you should be able to use a 20’ truck. Homes that are 2 bedrooms or smaller are best moved with the 17’ truck. For 2 bedroom apartments, it is suggested that you use the 15’ truck and finally for studio or 1 bedroom apartments you should be able to use the 10’ truck. It is important to note that you probably want to go a size up on your rental just to make sure that you have enough room. The price difference between all of these trucks is minimal and so it is better to have too much room rather then not enough room.