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How to Pack Dining Room

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Learning how to pack dining room is very similar to what you will need to know when packing your kitchen, with the main difference being that very often times dining rooms have larger tables and china cabinets. People who have a dining room in their home usually have china cabinets, tables, and chinaware that may have been passed down from other family members and as such these items need to be treated with extra care. This is why when speaking to our professional mover about our how to pack dining room guide his main tip was that you hire a professional to help you with this room.

Having experienced a number of moves ourselves we tend to agree that the best way to move furniture like that which is in the dining room is by having professional movers do it. Granted most dining room tables can be taken apart by removing the leaves in the center and taking off the legs, the fact remains that these items are incredibly heavy and moving them on your own usually results in their damage.

Along this same line of avoiding damage, when you are packing up china or bottles of wine that you may have in a wine rack in your dining room, you should take extra care to ensure that these items are packed securely and safely for their journey to your new home. Throughout this guide on how to pack dining room we will offer you a number of tips for the best way to pack your dining room in order to be sure that you mitigate any chance that your precious items will be broken during transit and to ensure that the whole process goes smoothly.

How to Pack Dining Room

After speaking to our professional mover about our how to pack dining room guide we collectively decided to take a look at our own dining rooms and see what packing them would be like. Upon just a glance some of us notice things like leftover Sterno and chafing dishes in the corner. As well as things like wine bags, Keurig k-cup boxes, and in one of our homes there was a mountain of mail just lying there on the dining room table.

Since we don’t really use our dining rooms unless it is a holiday or we are having a dinner party we discovered that this room sort of became a storage area for the kitchen without us even noticing. We even discussed how the day that the company comes we usually clean out the dining room by moving the boxes and mail to another room, only to move it right back once everyone was gone. Using our dining room as a storage room created a feeling that there was a lot more stuff in the dining room then there really is, and so our first suggestion is that you go through the dining room and throw out anything that you don’t need. For those items that you are not really sure if you will need, or you know you will need at some future time, simply put them to the side in a pile so that they can be packed together. If you do decide to do this you should keep in mind where you will be storing them in your new home because you don’t want to start off living in a new space with a lot of clutter lying around.

For instance, with something like the Sterno and chafing dishes, it might be best to keep these items so that you don’t have to buy them again the next time you host a party. With that said, you should find a cabinet, closet, or cupboard that you can put these in so that you don’t just lump them in a corner of your new home.

Once you have cleared the dining room of unneeded items you will see that what is left is not an insurmountable task and you should be able to pack it up entirely in an hour or two.

Tips for Packing Your Dining Room

The most important tip for how to pack dining room is to make sure that you securely pack your china and other fragile items. When it comes to packing up almost every other room we have suggested that you go the cost-effective route of using newspaper, magazines, or discarded paper in order to pack your boxes, but when it comes to packing fragile items in your dining room you may want to splurge for real packing material or bubble wrap.

Bubble wrap, in particular, is useful for wine glasses as the stems can be broken very easily during a move. We have found, and this was confirmed by the moving professionals we talked to, that simply wrapping a wine glass in newsprint does not guarantee that it is safe when it is being moved. However, if you wrap these glasses in bubble wrap and tape them you will essentially remove most of the risk that they will be broken while you are moving.

It is very important to wrap items like this correctly, but it is also equally as important to box them up correctly. You don’t want to go through all of the hassle of individually wrapping your plates or glasses, only to throw them all into a box and have them rattling around. You want to make sure that when you pick up a box that has fragile and expensive dinnerware in it that there is no give and that you cannot hear anything moving around inside. The best way to accomplish this is by over packing the box with packing material. Make sure that every nook and cranny of the box is filled with paper or packing material and it is also good to use more than you think you need.

If you decide to buy bubble wrap then it can also be used to keep your silverware from going all over the place during a move. One of the most difficult things to pack correctly is silverware, but if you bundle all of your forks, knives, and spoons together using a rubber band and then roll them up in bubble wrap, you will not only ensure that they won’t get damaged during the move but also you will be able to unpack them very quickly.

When it comes to packing up wine bottles there are specific boxes that can be used to help you move them a lot easier. These boxes can be acquired at a local liquor store, many times for free, as most wine gets shipped in these specialty boxes. If this is not something that is possible for you then you can purchase these boxes on Amazon or other e-commerce stores by simply searching for wine boxes. While you could wrap all of your wine up and put it in a regular box, there is no guarantee that they will not shift during your move and break open. Having a wine bottle break in a box in the back of a moving truck can really cause a mess, and getting wine out of anything can be incredibly difficult.