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How to Pack a Bedroom - MovingLocal
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After speaking to our professional moving expert we discovered that besides the kitchen, the bedroom is probably one of the most difficult rooms in the house to pack. The reasons for this are similar to what makes packing a kitchen difficult, and that is, that the items in the bedroom are of varying sizes and many times people have a tremendous amount of stuff in their bedroom. They have their bed, usually a TV and possibly entertainment center, nightstands, lamps, a dresser, clothing, books, mirrors, chairs, maybe a desk, and artwork on the walls. All of this adds up to a complicated packing situation and one that can be time-consuming if you don’t have a plan in place.

Lucky for you we are going to break down how to pack bedroom as told to us by a professional mover who has been helping people move into their new moves for years. The advice that he has given us is easy to follow, and like with the other items in our guide, as long as you take the packing of your bedroom piecemeal and follow a methodical plan it won’t be overwhelming and will be accomplished before you even know it.

So with that let’s take a look at our how to pack bedroom guide and the advice that was given to us by a professional mover.

How to Pack a Bedroom

The first piece of advice that we were given on how to pack bedroom was that bedrooms should be the last rooms in your house to be packed. The exceptions to this are spare bedrooms that are not being used, as these can be packed at any time.

The reasons why occupied bedrooms should be packed last are fairly obvious but to state them outright, your bedroom is where your bed is (which you will need for sleeping) and it usually also has all of your clothing in it, which you will also need on a daily basis. With that said there are certain items in your bedroom that you could pack up sooner, but it has been suggested to us that you pack up each room individually and do not jump from one room to another, otherwise it could confuse the entire process.

Depending on how much stuff you have in your bedrooms will determine how far out from your move you should start to pack. For instance, you don’t want to wait until the night before your move to entirely pack up the bedrooms in your home, but at the same time you don’t want to start too soon and then realize that you need some of the items that have already been packed away.

We suggest that you start to pack up your bedroom in the days leading up to your big move. You can start by packing up items that you know you will not need, like books or other little ornamental items in your room, but be sure to keep these items separate and to clearly mark on each box that you pack what is contained inside. We go deeper into detail on this subject here.

By starting a few days out you will be better able to pack everything in an orderly and non-rushed manner while also keep the amount of time that you have to live in a room that is half-packed to a minimum. We have found that living in a boxed-up home or sleeping in a boxed bedroom gives people anxiety, so the less time that you have to sleep in a bedroom that is partially packed away, the better.

Inventory and Sort Your Belongings

One of the first things that the professional mover said when we told him we were putting together a how-to pack bedroom guide is that it is important to sort and inventory all of your belongings before you even start to pack. We understand that this can sound like a tedious process, especially the inventory portion, but doing so can save you a headache down the road.

The best way to go about accomplishing this is by going through your bedroom and actually physically sorting your items into two categories: those that you are going to bring with you and those that you are going to throw out and donate. As difficult as it can be to let go out our belongings, moving is a great time to shed yourself of unnecessary clutter (which tends to accumulate in the bedroom in the form of clothing.) Go through your closet and get rid of stuff that you know you are never going to wear again. Doing this will not only make your move easier but you can also donate your clothes to a good cause, and get a tax break in doing so. Below are links that you can use to schedule a donation pick up with the Salvation Army or find a local Goodwill store to donate to.

Salvation Army- Schedule a Pick-Up

Goodwill Store Locator

How to Pack Bedroom Items Easily

Depending on if you are doing the move yourself or if you have hire a moving company will sort of change the landscape of how you are going to pack and ready your bedroom. If you have hired a moving company then you don’t really need to worry about the larger items like your bed or furniture, and they will also be able to help you transport your television so that it doesn’t break. However, if you are doing the move yourself then you need to put a little more thought into how you are going to go about doing this.

If you are doing the move yourself then we highly suggest that you transport your television in your car and not in the moving truck. Most televisions will fit nicely into the back seat of a midsize car and in moving your television in this manner you don’t have to worry about it breaking in the back of the moving truck. As for the furniture in your bedroom, it is best to move those items first, because they are usually heavy and it is best to get heavy items out of the way quickly when you are performing the move yourself.

When it comes to packing up the smaller items in your room like books or clothing, you will want to pack like items with like items and clearly mark each box so that you will know what contents are inside. When it comes to moving books you will want to make sure that you securely tape the bottom of the box, because you don’t want it falling apart when you go to lift it.

Packing clothing can be one of the more time-consuming aspects of packing up a bedroom, but it can also really help you to organize your clothes and have an orderly start in your new home. We suggest that when you pack up your clothing you don’t just throw everything in boxes and write clothes on the side, but rather put like garments together so that when you are unpacking in your new home you will be able to put everything in its place and have a neat closet or dresser space.