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How to Pack a Bathroom - MovingLocal
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When asking our professional mover about tips and tricks for packing various rooms throughout the house he informed us that the bathroom was one of the easier rooms in the home to pack up. However, he did say that the bathroom does present its own set of challenges when it comes to packing.

One of the reasons why packing a bathroom is fairly easy is because most people do not have a lot of stuff in their bathroom. They may have makeup, medicine, and different toiletries but when compared to the bedroom or the kitchen, the bathroom pales in comparison to how much needs to be packed.

Even though learning how to pack bathroom is fairly easy there is still some advice that we gathered that can make packing your bathrooms easier and quicker. These tips will also keep you from having to clean up spilled liquids that may open during your move and save you money, time and a great deal of hassle.

How to Pack a Bathroom

Although packing a bathroom is one of the easiest rooms in the house to pack it can still be burdensome due to the fact that there are usually a lot of little items in the bathroom. Your medicine cabinet probably has a number of pill bottles and cold remedies that you have gathered throughout the years (some of which are probably expired.) You may have your makeup in your bathroom, and if it is not already organized in a makeup bag, it could prove troublesome for packing reasons. The same can be said about shampoos and body washes, which you could throw out rather then pack, but why waste the money.

Similar to what was stated in our other guides, when it comes to how to pack bathroom you first really need to go through all of your belongings in the room and organize them in a manner that makes sense. This means that you will want to go through the medicine cabinet and discard any medicine that is expired or that you longer need, and the same can be said for those half used bottles of lotions, body wash, etc., that you will never use but linger around the bathroom for years. Doing this will make the packing process all the more easier and will also allow you to move into your new home with an uncluttered bathroom.

The thing about how to pack bathroom that is different than packing up other rooms in your home is that not all of the items can simply be thrown away. For instance medicine, in particular, old prescription medications should never be thrown out in the garbage as they are. And under no circumstances should you flush unused medicine down the toilet.

The proper way to discard old medications is by mixing them with unpalatable substance such as kitty litter, dirt or used coffee grounds. After this is done the pill bottles should then be put in a Ziploc container. If you so choose, you can remove the label with your name on the bottle, but this is not entirely necessary. Doing all of this will ensure that no one will get their hands on the medication and will also ensure that animals can not gain access to your discarded pills and mistakenly eat them.

After you have gone through your belongings and thrown away items that you no longer need you can then begin to pack up the items that are coming with you to your new home.

How to Sort and Inventory Your Bathroom Items

Although the bathroom usually contains the smallest number of items in the home, most of the items that are in there can be expensive. For instance, an electric razor could cost anywhere from $50 to $100 and make-up, cologne, and other grooming items can cost similar amounts. This means that even though these items may be small and lightweight, they should be handled with care so that they do not break during your move.

Our professional mover suggested that you should wait to sort and pack your bathroom till right before your intended move date. He suggested that the bathroom should be the second to last room that you pack, with the bedroom being the last. The reason for this is because most people use their bathroom items on a daily basis and if they are packed away too soon then you will be unable to bathe, trim your beard, or do your makeup.

When putting together this how-to pack bathroom guide we discovered that sorting your bathroom items into like categories is the best way to keep your packing organized and efficient. Using the following categories as a guide is a good way to organize your bathroom for your move:

  • Electrical items
  • Makeup
  • Grooming products like hair gel
  • Toiletries
  • Medicine
  • Linens
  • Cleaning supplies

Packing Tips for the Bathroom

One of the best pieces of advice that we received when asking about how to pack bathroom was the fact that you should wrap all open bottles that have liquid in them in a plastic bag, preferably a zip lock bag. While it may seem like simply putting your toiletries in one box is good enough, the last thing that you want is for these items to leak during the move and damage something in another box. Even if these items leak and don’t affect anything else you will still have to pay to replace them, which is just a waste of money. However, if you make sure to tighten the cap and put these items in a plastic bag you won’t have to worry as much about leakage and you will ensure that nothing else will get ruined.

Another tip that we received was the fact that you should use the towels in your bathroom as packing material. This is something that we hadn’t thought of before and it really is an ingenious method to not only secure your items but also pack up your towels as well. This is especially helpful when packing electrical items like hair curlers, blow dryers, and the like. Granted you will have to wash or at the very least refold the towels when you are unpacking, but it will save you having to waste precious packing material, while also ensuring that the items that you packed will be safely transported.

Similar to with the other rooms in your house you want to make sure that clearly mark what is in each box so that when you go to unpack these items you are not left scrambling wondering where everything is.

Lastly, in our how to pack bathroom guide is the answer to the question, how should I pack my toilet paper and paper towels? The easiest way to do this is to simply put these items in your car and bring them over to your new home this way. While you could put this stuff in a box and then pack and unpack them, it is just a lot easier to put them in your car and transport them like you would when you buy from the store. This will not only make moving these items easier, and save you the use of a box, but it will also allow for easy access.